Skellern lecture 2010/11: Professor Patrick Callaghan - Is there a case for Mental Health Nursing in the 21st Century?

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The 2010 Skellern Lecture evening that was scheduled for Dec 2010 had to be postponed after London and the rest of the country ground to halt under a deluge of freezing snow.  The evening was re-scheduled for THURSDAY JUNE 2nd  2011, at City University, London.   This was the first time that the Skellern evening was held at City University and Professor Sally Hardy hosted and chaired the evening.  

Professor Patrick Callaghan was a formidable addition to the roster of Skellern lecturers.  His lecture took the provocative title; Is there a case for mental health nursing in the 21st Century?  In his lecture he realistically set out arguments both for and against MHN, but citing feedback from users, and noting evidence for efficacy in terms of managing risk, he demonstrated the on-going potential role for recovery focused MHN.  And while critically appraising the progress of the academy in pushing forward the quality of practitioners in terms of research and evidence, he called for more inspirational leadership, more translational education and more funding.  He finished with a rallying call that “ not everything that counts, can be counted”, arguing that MHN is a complex art and craft; capturing and conveying its essence was an on-going challenge for researchers.  

On the evening Professor Peter Nolan was also an award recipient.  His address on receiving the JPMHN Lifetime Achievement Award, was profound and moving.  He offered us an absorbing narrative about his journey towards wisdom.  He painted fine grain and memorable portraits of colleagues and clients along the way, full with love, humour and loss in equal measure.  At the end of his address he received a heartfelt standing ovation.  For those of us who have been attending the Skellern event since 1986, this was one of the most poignant moments we have so far witnessed. Peter Nolan captured the intimacy of witness that is ones career in the field of mental health, in a mad world we absorb and become memory of those whose lives we touch and in turn are touched by.  These are deep impressions, Peter showed us that they will linger on into the twilight.  

Thursday June 2nd 2011, City University

JPMHN Lifetime Achievement Award  2010/11: Professor Peter Nolan