Professor Alan Simpson introduced Joy:

“When you read through someone's CV in preparation for an event like this, you hope to find some interesting nuggets of information or perhaps a pattern which reveals something hidden about the person.  Unsurprisingly, what you find from reading Joy's CV is an impressive list of research grants, peer-reviewed publications, book chapters and reports. Joy is also on various editorial boards, review panels and advisory groups. She is Chair of the European Violence in Psychiatry Research Group and Vice-Chair of Mental Health Nurse. Academics UK.  And of course, Joy is respected widely for making a major contribution in the UK, across Europe and beyond, in developing good practice guidance aimed at reducing the use of seclusion and restraint or of using it safely when necessary.  Joy first qualified as a Registered General Nurse in Whiston hospital Liverpool in 1984 and then as a Registered Mental Nurse two years later in Surrey.  Her qualities were recognised at an early stage when she won the BUPA/Nursing Standard Mental Health Nurse of the Year Award in 1990 and from them on her career as a nurse practitioner, educator and research has flourished., obtaining her phd in 2003 and being appointed Professor in 2011.  But what the bare bones of qualifications, grants, publications and awards does not tell you is about the person.  From talking to colleagues and friends, I hear that Joy has a great love for animals... To the extent that she has been known to stop the car on a freeway in Florida to make sure that a Turtle could be carried to safety. Although I understand it was Karen Wright who was forced to scramble across the frantic freeway while Joy exhibited her leadership skills as she shouted out words of encouragement from the safety of the car.  Joy's nursing skills have also been brought into use for the Wellbeing of animals, including the use of CPR on a little Greco lizard, saving its life. Joy has walked in Edinburgh in her underwear. For charity she said.  And is an ardent member of the People's Choir - one of the few things that  Joy will not allow work to get in the way of.  But above all, Joy is incredibly committed to the value of her work so pushes herself extremely hard whilst bringing out the best from those around her.  Yet despite this passionate drive, Joy never neglects the relational, social side of team working and is described as a 'literal joy' to work with. Personally, whenever I have had contact with Joy, I have found her to be a warm, friendly, humorous, supportive woman who speaks lovingly of her partner, and their great life together in Cumbria.  It's in my great honour to introduce to you, Joy Duxbury.


Professor Joy Duxbury

In Defense of the Indefensible: Physical Restraint in Mental Health Settings.

Evening Schedule

6.00pm: Evening Chair: Dr Joy Bray

6.05pm:  Welcome Professor Neil Brimblecombe

6.10pm: Introduction to Skellern Lecture: Professor Alan Simpson


7.15pm: Plaque presentation: Andrew Dean

7.20pm: Refreshments & buffet

8.00pm: Introduction to JPMHN Lifetime Achievement Award: Malcolm Rae


8.50pm: Plaque presentation: Professor Lawrie Ellliot

9.00pm: Closing: Dr Ben Thomas


Professor Hugh Mckenna

Photographs courtesy of Russell Ashmore. Pictured (from left to right top to bottom: Alan Simpson, Joy Bray, Joy Duxbury, Andrew Dean, Hugh Mckenna, Lawrie Elliott, Ben Thomas,  Neil Brimblecombe, Malcolm Rae, Len Bowers, Dr Russell Ashmore.  At the end of the evening guests had were treated to evening of smooth Jazz by the fabulous Edana Minghella and her trio.

At the end of the evening guests were treated to evening of smooth Jazz by the fabulous Edana Minghella and her trio.

June 11th  6-9pm Wolfson Lecture Theatre,  Institute of Psychiatry, Camberwell