Short Lists & Panel 2017

Appointments panel for the 2017 awards:  Dr Russell Ashmore (NPNR), Stephen Firn (Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust) Professor Len Bowers (past lecturer),  Dr Joy Bray (co-odinator), Professor Neil Brimblecombe (past lecturer), Professor Tony Butterworth (past lecturer), Professor Patrick Callaghan (past lecturer), Venessa Ford (SWLSTG-Tr), Professor Bryn Davis (past recipient - JPMHN former editor), Andrew Dean (Avon & Somerset), Professor Joy Duxbury (past lecturer), Professor Lawrie Ellliot (JPMHN Editor), Professor Cheryl Forchuk (past lecturer), Catherine Gamble (past lecturer), Professor Sally Hardy (LSBU), Dean Howells (Notts Health Care Trust), Professor Karina Lovell (past lecturer), Marion Janner (past recipient), Professor Hugh Mckenna (past recipient), Professor Peter Nolan (past recipient), Professor Ian Norman (past lecturer),  Malcolm Rae (past recipient),  Dr Julie Repper (past lecturer), Professor Alan Simpson (past lecturer), Professor David Sines (past lecturer), Professor Shirley Smoyak (past recipient), Dr Ben Thomas (past lecturer), Deborah Watkins (University of Greenwich) Dr Gary Winship (non voting panel chair)

Skellern 2017

The panel is made up of previous lecturers and award recipients, sponsor representatives, organisers and student representatives.  The panel vote using a matrix ranking short listed candidate.  The outcome of the panel’s voting announced at the NPNR conference, 15-16th of September (NPNR DETAILS).   


Prof Mary Chambers

Dr Iris Elliot

Dr Mick Mckeown



Edinburgh Napier


Lifetime Achievement Award Short list 2017

 Professor Len Bowers

Baroness Professor Mary Watkins