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Previous Skellern lecturers: (1982) Baroness McFarlane:  Nursing Values and Nursing Action. (1984) Professor Annie Altschul Psychiatric Nursing: Does Good Practice need Good Principles? (1986) Baroness Caroline Cox: The Sharp Compassion. (1988) Professor Jennifer Wilson-Barnett: Nursing Practice & the University. (1990) Professor Tony Butterworth: Generating Research in Mental Health Nursing.  (1993) Professor David Sines: The Arrogance of Power.  (1997) Dr Ben Thomas Past Insights for Present Problems.  (2006) Dr Julie Repper: The Changing Agenda in Mental Health. (2007) Catherine Gamble: The Rise of the Nursing Phoenix. (2008) Professor Len Bowers: Time present, time past and time future: reflections on psychiatric nursing research. (2009) Neil Brimbelcombe: Mental health care and mental health nursing - professional triumph or social failure? (2011) Patrick Callaghan - Is there a case for nursing in the 21st Century? (2012) Karina Lovell - What has mental health nursing contributed to Primary Care Mental Health? – (2013) Alan Simpson - Politics, power, MHN in  a time of austerity.  (2014) Joy Duxbury -  In Defense of the Indefensible:  Physical Restraint in Mental Health Settings. (2015) Ian Norman: The Art & Science of MHN.  (2016) Cheryl Forchuk: Therapeutic relations: historical relic or foundational into our future?  (2017) Professor Mary Chambers: Making the Invisible Skills of Mental Health Nurses Visible (2018) Geoff Brennan: The Dark Arts of Influencing in-patient nurses. (2019) Professor Mick McKeown: Making the Most of the Militant Tendencies of MHNs.

Wiley/Blackwell JPMHN Lifetime achievement Award recipients: (2006) Professor Phil Barker.  (2007) Jo Brand.  (2008) Professor Bryn Davis.  (2009) Helen Bamber, OBE. Professor Peter Nolan (2011/2011), (2012) Shirley Smoyak, (2013) Malcolm Rae. (2014) Hugh Mckenna. (2015) Marion Janner, (2016) Professor Tony Butterworth (2017) Professor Len Bowers. (2018) Professor Phil Burnard.   (2019) Professor Patrick Callaghan

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