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1982-2000 Skellern Lecturers

(1982) Baroness McFarlane:  Nursing Values and Nursing Action  |  (1984) Professor Annie Altschul Psychiatric Nursing: Does Good Practice need Good Principles? | (1986) Baroness Caroline Cox: The Sharp Compassion. | (1988) Professor Jennifer Wilson-Barnett: Nursing Practice & the University. | (1990) Professor Tony Butterworth: Generating Research in Mental Health Nursing. | (1993) Professor David Sines: The Arrogance of Power. | (1997) Dr Ben Thomas: Past Insights for Present Problems. 

2006- Skellern Lecturers

(2006) Dr Julie Repper: The Changing Agenda in Mental Health.


(2007) Catherine Gamble: The Rise of the Nursing Phoenix.


(2008) Professor Len Bowers: Time present, time past and time future: reflections on psychiatric nursing research.


(2009) Dr Neil Brimbelcombe: Mental health care and MH Nursing - professional triumph or social failure?


(2011) Professor Patrick Callaghan - Is there a case for nursing in the 21st Century?


(2012) Professor Karina Lovell - What has mental health nursing contributed to Primary Care Mental Health? 

(2013) Professor Alan Simpson - Politics, power, MHN in  a time of austerity.  


(2014) Professor Joy Duxbury -  Defence of the Indefensible:  Physical Restraint in MHealth Settings.


(2015) Professor Ian Norman: The Art & Science of Mental Health Nursing.


(2016) Professor Cheryl Forchuk: Therapeutic relations: historical relic or foundational into our future?  


(2017) Professor Mary Chambers: Making the Invisible Skills of Mental Health Nurses Visible


(2018) Geoff Brennan: The Dark Arts of Influencing in-patient nurses.


(2019) Professor Mick McKeown: Making the Most of the Militant Tendencies of MHNs.


(2020) Dr Russell Ashmore: The Fall of Icarus.


(2021) No event (COVID)

(2022) Dr Gary Winship: Where Now for Skellern’s vision?


(2023) Dr Anne Aiyegbusi: Mental Health Care and the Enduring Challenge of Racial Trauma

2006- Lifetime Award


(2006) Professor Phil Barker. 


(2007) Jo Brand. 



(2008) Professor Bryn Davis. 

(2009) Helen Bamber, OBE.


(2011) Professor Peter Nolan. 

(2012) Shirley Smoyak. 

(2013) Malcolm Rae.

(2014) Hugh Mckenna.

(2015) Marion Janner. 

(2016) Professor Tony Butterworth.


(2017) Professor Len Bowers.

(2018) Professor Phil Burnard.  

(2019) Professor Patrick Callaghan.  

(2020) Professor Eimear Muir Cochrane.

(2022) Professor Kevin Gournay.  


(2023) Professor Mary Chambers

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